"The Dodgers are the best practice, San Diego is..." NL West Rivalry as Seen by a U.S. Journalist

The San Diego Padres, who are shouting 'Down with LA', are in danger by giving up the entire series with the Los Angeles Dodgers. An article came out that hurt San Diego even more.

The Athletic reporter Ken Rosenthal compared the Dodgers and San Diego in a column on the 16th (Korean time), saying, "The Dodgers are a team with one identity. San Diego is a team of money and stars, but it is more a collection of individuals than a cohesive group. " he pointed out.

"The Dodgers roster isn't perfect, but it's been carefully curated," Rosenthal said. "There are 10 homegrown players, each from a different team, but three players who have made multiple World Series appearances for the Dodgers. All of these players share a sense of team history and kinship. "It helps newcomers adapt quickly and leads them to success."

On the other hand, about San Diego, "It's a set of stars recruited from outside. The players fostered by the club include Stephen Wilson, Tom Cosgrove, and Ryan Weathers, but none of them have a particularly important role in the team. Spend money, trade boldly. Other than doing it, is there a 'Padris Way'?"

Reporter Rosenthal said, "I know very well that San Diego defeated the Dodgers in the Division Series last year and made a scene that will go down in the club's history. I think San Diego, with the league's third highest annual salary of $249 million, will rise to the top again." cast a critical eye on it.

"The quartet of Machado and Bogarts and Soto and Tatis Jr. definitely stands out. But San Diego's entire roster has a lot of flaws. The catcher sucks, and Nelson Cruz and Matt Carpenter play mostly designated hitters. The bottom line is less productive. ."

"The only two reliable pitchers in San Diego's starting 해외스포츠중계 rotation are Yu Darvish and Joe Musgrove. Neither of them are aces. The bullpen has thinned out with Robert Suarez and Drew Pomeranz."

"I know what San Diego fans are thinking," said Rosenthal. We will continue the event."

Again, the Dodgers emerge as a 'best case'. Reporter Rosenthal said, "The Dodgers saved money to recruit Shohei Ohtani. At the same time, they hoped that prospects would join naturally. Gavin Lux, who was at the center of the plan, was out for the season due to a knee injury, but James Outman here emerged as a candidate for Rookie of the Year, and Miguel Vargas showed his potential and landed at second base."

"Dodgers manager Dave Roberts put it simply, 'We know how to win.' San Diego doesn't. It still does."

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